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We at Sedona Liquors have the distinction of being one of Sedona, AZ's most established liquor stores. We're a community fixture, and once you've...
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You might think Sedona Liquors is quirky because we have a drive-through. That's part of the story, but we make things even more convenient for you by...
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Despite our name, Sedona Liquors isn't just about wine, beer, and liquor. No, we're about the entire drinking experience. And since we're located in a...

We're the only store Sedona will ever need for liquor, cigars, and even door-to-door liquor delivery!

Welcome to Sedona Liquors

Sedona, AZ is known for being a beautiful, classy town, full of people with exquisite tastes. For years, that taste has led them to Sedona Liquors, the city's finest one-stop location for beer, wine, spirits, and cigars.

Our beer offerings are spectacular. We have an unbelievable selection to choose from, whether that means you're looking for a comfortable domestic go-to lager or something slightly more adventurous. We source some of the best beers from around the world, and go out of our way to ensure they always arrive fresh in Sedona. Sedona Liquors also has an incredible array of microbrews from America's finest brewing traditions, whether that means Oregon, California, Colorado, or even right here in Arizona!

For wines, we're just as committed to giving you the greatest selection of quality vintages possible. We obviously offer you standard choices like red and white, but we also have great offerings in the form of champagne, sake, and even dessert wines like port and moscato.

Our liquor offerings are equally excellent. We have all of the choices that you demand in terms of rum, brandy, vodka, gin, and whiskey, along with a huge assortment of tequilas that show our Southwest pride.

To go with all of these offerings, Sedona Liquors also sells you delicious cigars. Even if you're not typically a tobacco person, after one taste of the rolled luxury that we provide, we're convinced you'll agree that you've never had something that so enhances your drinking experience.

We are conveniently located in the middle of town, and we are open late on the weekends as well (even on Sunday). That means you have no excuse not to visit us, Sedona! Our prices are reasonable, our selection is unbeatable, and our staff are superb professionals who are proud to represent a family-owned and operated business. When you think of beer, liquor, wine, or cigars, make sure you think of Sedona Liquors!